I was over the moon when my two close friends Ryan & Ian asked me to take their engagement photos in Joshua Tree, California shortly after they got engaged. The best part? Ryan had no idea when it was happening. We decided to make our trip a complete surprise with Ian's help and the reaction from Ryan was SO worth it. We drove from their home in Los Angeles to the desert to cross off a long time bucket list location and this was the result. We drove out the night before and stayed in Palm Springs so we could get an early start and really get the most out of the day. To our surprise, we woke to find SNOW?! Yes, snow in the desert. It was so beautiful. We spent the day adventuring throughout the park, climbing rocks, and snapping photos – it was a dream. Right before golden hour they suited up and we shot through blue hour. It was one of the most magical days and I would recommend Joshua Tree to anyone who wants adventurous engagement photos.

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