How to Make a Continuous Instagram Carousel Post

January 1, 2020

You’ve seen these types of posts all over Instagram. They’re so cool, right? There are a million ways you can set up these templates to make it 100% your own. My goal is to make it easier for you and save you time so I’ve created templates to help get you started.


Open Photoshop and set up the dimensions for your file. You’ll have to decide if you’d like to create a square post (1080 x 1080px) or a vertical post (1080 x 1350px). For this example, I’ve created a square post.

You’ll insert the height as 1080px. For the width, you’ll multiply 1080 by how many slides you’ll want. This example has 5, so 1080 x 5 + 5400px. If you want to create a vertical post, everything will stay the same except the height will be 1350px.


Once you have your file set up you’ll want to create the guides. You do this by going to View > New Guide Layout.

Set up your guides as pictured below. You’ll want to make sure the width is set as 1080px and the gutter is set at 0.


Now you’re ready to create! It’s always fun to switch up the background. I like finding different textures on Pexels.

Once you have the background set, you can start adding in your images! I always set them up so key features aren’t getting cut off at the guides so it still looks good as a standalone image when people are scrolling through their feeds.

Next, feel free to get creative! Add in elements such as Pantone swatches, shadows, textures, etc. You can find a ton of great elements on Adobe Stock.


Once your template is ready to go, you’ll need to create slices from the guides. Click on the slice tool on your left hand tool bar. On the top of your screen, click Slices From Guides. Then you’ll see numbers pop up in the upper left hand corner of each slice.

Now you’re ready to export! I always create a new folder on my Desktop. To export each slice, you’ll need to go to File > Save for Web.

Be sure to save the image as a JPEG at maximum quality. If everything looks good click Save.

Be sure the output is set to Images Only and All Slices.

You’re set! Go to the folder you saved the images in and you’ll see each guide as its own image.

Now, all you need to do is airdrop to your phone and post!

If you aren’t comfortable creating your own templates just yet don’t worry, I’ve got you. I’ve set up 5 ready to use, customizable templates! I’ve also included bonus backgrounds and elements. Be sure to tag me so I can see what you create!