Want to Take Your Business to the Next Step?

I am a self taught photographer which means I have had to learn most of my lessons the hard way. I could have saved myself so much time, money, and energy if I knew then what I know now. Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing where to start to become successful. People often reach out asking how to get started, how to get a client base, how to be comfortable around clients throughout the entire process. I don’t believe in “secrets” and I’m a completely open book. I want to help you grow as a photographer so you can be as successful as possible.

Let's Chat

During this session you can ask me anything and everything about photography! We can cover the business side, pricing, editing, location choice, booking clients, outfit choice, session process, social media, website usability, and more!

I am an open book and I would absolutely love to help so if you have any additional questions feel free to ask! This session can take place online via Zoom or in person at a coffee shop if you’re around the Twin Cities. $150/hr.


This session is in person and is set up so we can go over everything in a four hour time frame. We will start at a coffee shop (or a place of your choice) where we can chat and I can answer all of your questions! Then we will go to a photo session that I coordinate based on your preferences and what you’re looking to learn. We will both shoot and I will show you how to get clients comfortable, how to use your light sources, find the best locations, and more.

After the session we will be able to grab some food and edit. I will be there to answer any questions you have about post processing. I can offer the tips & tricks I use while editing and sending galleries off to clients. Again, I’m an open book so please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out! I’ve got you covered. This package is $550. Time add ons are available starting at $150/hr.

Julia W.

Jillian’s mentoring session is everything you could ask for as a beginner photographer! She helps with absolutely everything from start to finish. She has mountains of knowledge that she is more then willing to give, truly an open book! Such a sweetie but still professional. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for insight into the business and logistics, as well as tips and tricks with photography itself!